Chaucer’s Mead

Written by Nicole

The gorgeous Chaucer’s Mead!

Mead is Moscato’s half brother (they share a father). Mead is another mink Ragdoll, but his eyes are a striking soft green rather than aqua. He’s the smallest of the adult cats, though not by much, and he easily has the softest, most cotton-like coat of any animal I’ve ever felt. Sadly, his cost is much more prone to matting and he’s not nearly so patient for grooming as his brother.

Mead isn’t as vocal as Moscato, but when he does have something to say you hear him loud and clear. He’s a slightly less affectionate cat, often content in his own company. In fact Mead is rather enamoured of himself, and one of my favourite things is to watch him admire his reflection in windows at night. He regularly grooms the entire window in his quest to connect with himself!

For a cat that doesn’t care to be groomed, he does love to groom and when he is permitting himself to be snuggled and loved on, he returns the favour with lots of kisses, much like a dog. Mead also lives up to the Ragdoll name, as he spends much of his time flopped over on his back, like a ragdoll, whether that’s in someone’s arms or on the dirty concrete when he’s allowed outside. There’s nothing he loves more then a good roll in the dirt, and he often would slip out past us when we let the dogs out – when house situated – so he can quickly get himself covered in dust and dirt before going happily back inside.