Written by Nicole

Nothing like a Kamikaze?

Like all my cats, Kamikaze is named after an alcoholic drink, in this case my absolute favourite one! A Kamikaze is made up of Triple Sec, Vodka, and lime juice. Making it a pretty feisty drink, this little kitten certainly lived up to her namesake!!

Kamikaze and her brother were originally selected to be ratters at a yard; Travis and I had no intention of keeping them in the house at all. That lasted exactly zero seconds, because upon bringing them home, I decided that they were far too small (and cute) to be living outside at their age… so we said just a few weeks indoors… of course, they’d never spent a single night of their life outdoors 😂.

Kamikaze is the only female cat we have and she lets the boys know it. She’s sassy, opinionated, and unbelievably affectionate. She absolutely loves people, and would happily spend hours getting pets and snuggles. She loves to explore outside, but always comes when she’s called and is very vocal if left out alone too long. She was the perfect age to embark on the first adventure as she grew up adjusting to the lifestyle, curious, and always ready for the next journey!