Written by Nicole

Introduction Moomkin!

He is the one I have been waiting impatiently to share with all of you. You see, this dog is my heart dog, my once in a lifetime dog of my soul, my happiest of faces, the dog who fills me with such joy I sometimes think it will just burst out of me… this dog is my Moomkin.

Moomkin was rescued alongside Nibble from that meat truck in China. He was a great deal luckier though, as he came directly to me after his six month wait to clear Chinese customs. Moomkin was my first introduction to the Tibetan Mastiff breed, and he was an incredible one. He’s a wonderful example of all of the good the breed has (and admittedly, equally all of the bad).

Moomkin came in to my life as a direct result of one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to endure: a failing marriage. I adopted him because I felt like I needed to do something good, when so much of my life was going so very badly. I could never have imagined how this dog would effect my life. From the moment he arrived and jumped straight on to the bed with the biggest smile on his silly face, my heart was a goner. I have never in my life loved something more than I love this dog. And part of the reason that I believe that love is so strong is because it is so completely without reason, it simply is. He brought light back in to a life that had gone, once again, so very dark, and he did it simply by existing.

I call Moomkin my happiest of faces, because when he sees me, both our smiles could light up an entire house. He always greets me like the sun rises and sets on me, and perhaps for him, it does. Moomkin is generally a friendly dog with people, he loves a good snuggle. But he has his reserved moments, and I always remind people that he is a guard dog by breeding, and to always respect his space. Unlike Nibble, Moomkin rarely barks without reason, and prefers to be inside with people then out roaming his territory. He loves his creature comforts such as taking up all the room in bed or on the couch, or even on the chair that I can’t convince him he doesn’t actually fit in.

Moomkin does have his faults. He is a master of the “Tibetan mastiff flop” which basically means that if he doesn’t want to do something, he just lays down and refuses to move… dragging him doesn’t work either, my friend has dragged him across a gravel driveway where he didn’t even twitch in response. He has the memory of an elephant, and absolutely does not forgive and forget… once he hates someone or something, there is no changing his mind, ever. He hates being groomed, and we often have full out battles over it when moulting season comes along. He also absolutely despises cats, like wants to eat them for dinner, and that is really very inconvenient when he lives with them and all my other dogs are completely cat safe.

But he is also the sweetest, most cuddly dog a girl could ask for. He will let me do anything to him, and his complete adoration was a needed balm while my life crash and burned. He is, quite simply, my heart, and I am so immensely grateful I’ve had the chance to love him and be loved by him.