Introducing the human members of our travelling family!

Meet Travis!

Travis was born and raised in Hopewell, New Jersey. In January, while Nicole was home for the holidays and were both admittedly drunk, they made a deal that he would come to England for a few weeks to help Nicole move & restart her life. When she went home, no one in their family believed he’d actually honour a drunken promise. But he did.

Travis fell in love with England. Despite the brutal winter, he found his place. More importantly, he found his passion: horses. Travis was basically thrown in the deep end of the horse world, and he more than thrived. Now that he knows where his passion lies he hopes to one day work professionally in the industry.

Although Travis has found his home in England, UK visa laws make it nearly impossible for an American to get one in the horse industry right now, with a tourist visa only lasts six months. With both of their time limited they had decisions to make and he wasn’t ready to return to the States. Part of the decision to go on the first trip was to ensure that Travis would not overstay his welcome in England.

With their travels they have learnt that they are essentially the male and female version of each other: they think alike, have similar taste in things; feel too much and process it too little; are the black sheep of their family; and can’t really imagine just settling down in to a boring, typical life back in the states. They are cousins, but they’ve also become best friends… there’s no one else Nicole would rather take this adventure with than Travis.