Written by Nicole

Introduction The King of the household and my favourite animal (yes, I unashamedly have a favourite), Lager.

Lager is the animal who has been with me the longest, 9 years come 2020. I adopted him as an eight week old kitten from a shelter in Monterey, California when I was serving in the Air Force. Since then, he has travelled with me through over twenty states, seven countries, and moved house over ten times. To say that he has been a constant through the best and worst times of my life would be a massive understatement; he has been THE constant.

A Maine Coon mix, Lager is the largest of my cats, and really more dog then feline. He has raised half of my dogs from puppies, including attending the birth of my biggest shepherd and the arrival of the puppies from Gabrova. He begs at the table worse then any dog I know, greets me at the door with the pack, comes when his name is called, and obviously relishes his place as my favourite.

He also is my one wandering soul, regularly escaping from the house or trailer to spend time outdoors and usually giving me a heart attack in the process when he stays away too long. He will has required an eagle eye on our previous adventure and will likely need it on all future adventures. Of all my animals, he is the one I am was excited to share these experiences with… we’ve been through a lot together, and it is impossible to imagine doing this without him.